About The Creator

I am Nikki, the creator of AccessoRehab. I have always been a lover of Visual Arts. (Long ago lol) In high school I attended Educational Center for the Arts (New Haven, CT) for Visual Arts, and Creative Arts Workshop (also in New Haven) for Photography.
My love for earrings started way back in high school. After school, I would often walk downtown New Haven and shop for jewelry. Nim’s, Queens, and others I can’t recall their names (high school was 100 years ago lol, most of these shops have since closed) Some weekends, my Dad would take us to the flea market and I’d rack up on earrings and other jewelry.  Earrings were always my main thing, but I didn’t start making them until 2006.
My sister and I were shopping, checking out street vendors in NYC. We bought a bunch of jewelry and then got to talking about how we could make earrings ourselves. Back home, we got supplies shortly thereafter, and for me it’s been ongoing since.
In the beginning, my intent was not to sell. I didn't have a brand or a name. I just wanted something custom…unique…something different!  I started wearing my own handmade earrings and rings and I was getting compliments left and right, so I decided to sell them. It's just grown from there!  
So aside from art schools in high school,  I later went to Gibbs (Norwalk, CT) for Graphic Design and discovered I didn’t want to make a career out of it. I wanted to make jewelry. Although I have never had professional training on jewelry making or sewing, I was still able to take many aspects of what I’d learned in school to create something wonderful. Something unlimited. My various artistic experiences and creative history have given me a well rounded angle. This is what sets me apart from many other jewelry designers. I said set apart, not “what makes me better than”. 

Many artists have one medium they use and they use that medium only, and they only design or make one type or style of thing. There is nothing wrong with perfecting one craft which you are a master at. Many create in bulk. On the other hand, there’s me. 

👑 I only make one pair per design on average, and that is a ridiculously large number of brand new designs and ideas when you’ve done this for 16 years. Why only one? I’ve always been the spokesperson for INDIVIDUALITY. So, although at times I will remake an item at customer’s request, you will basically never see the same item twice. 

👑 I am not limited to just earrings, OR jewelry for that matter. I’ve customized boots, jackets, hats, I make bags, crowns, paint canvases…the list goes on. When I do a vending gig, I design, construct and style my entire displays myself. And all this is besides the random arts and crafts I do just because. 

👑I am not limited to jewelry making supplies or craft and fabric stores. I also thrift for materials and upcycle materials. I collect all sorts of things for future use so I often shop my own stash to complete a project. I still have things I picked up back when I started. This is a big reason why some styles cannot be duplicated, or cannot be perfectly identical. The supplies are long gone from the stores or online, discontinued or I have no idea where I purchased them years prior. 

All this to say,  I combined my love for visual arts overall, and my love for jewelry and accessories to create my brand. I absolutely love what I do. I pour my heart and soul into my designs. I am passionate about my work. I love my customers and I’m grateful to have met such awesome people in this long beautiful journey. You still here? Thank you for reading! Lol 

Accessory+Rehab=AccessoRehab. If you're addicted to jewelry and accessories, you NEED Rehab!