10 Things You Should Know

Here's a quick list of things that may be helpful to know.

  1. Many items are somewhat delicate, and therefore must be treated with care and stored properly. Replacing them may not be possible if you damage or lose an earring. I am often using up cycled or thrifted materials which means I can never replace some patterns or pieces. Also, I collect supplies and often have them for years before I use them and may not even recall where some components were ever purchased.
  2. I do not duplicate others' work. If there's something you want made, you should go to the maker. 
  3. Initially I only make one of each pair. Occasionally upon request, I will remake a pair depending on availability of the materials and pieces used, and my own availability to make them.
  4. Although I have had training in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, my jewelry and accessory designs are self taught. Everything I do is non-conventional. I have had no training in jewelry making or sewing. I just have the imagination to put it together however I have to.
  5. Orders typically ship same or next day. Some Saturdays are tough due to USPS closing at noon, but if I can catch them, I certainly do.
  6. My earrings quite often make the outfit. You pick the earrings, then build your outfit around them. There are sometimes so many colors and patterns that although you love the earrings, you have nothing to go with them. In this case, just keep in mind that they come first lol
  7. If you've never ordered from AccessoRehab, you may be concerned that because of the size of the earrings, that they may be heavy and hard on your piercings. I use the lightest materials possible to make them comfortable and light weight as possible! They are not heavy.
  8. Yes, I do custom earrings, but only in a small window of time which I announce beforehand. 
  9. Regardless of your location-local or long distance, I do not make personal deliveries.
  10. If you are happy and love something you purchased from AccessoRehab, it does me so much good to see you wearing it, but also sharing it! So post pics to your social media, tag me or share the website. This is a great gesture to show support and I do not take it for granted!